"Ahdoolo" The Story of Matthew Henson

Matthew Henson's friends, The Eskimos, sit on their sledge built by Matthew Henson. 
From front to back, Yasmine Goodwin, Terrance Brown, Tony Ward, Leo Hill, Darnetta 
Snowden and Sarah Steele.

Sailors Richo McLaine and Darenzo Nettles "Stand at attention" in front of the SS. Roosevelt as it is about to embark on it's journey to the Arctic.
A young Matthew Henson, played by Bryan Jackson, awaits to board the SS. Roosevelt on his expedition to the North Pole with Commander Robert Peary, played by Jerome Barrett and his wife Josephine, played by Brittney Watkins.
"Welcome to Ahdoolo, the story of Matthew Henson. You are about to enter into a world of bravery, courage and good spirits!"

"The Opening Scene" presented by Jarrell Chance and Mikia Matthews. 
The narration of the play is presented to you by, starting with the backrow, left to right, Brittney Lawrence, Marquise McCall, Kenisha Boone, Nicole Morris and, center, Austin Lee.
Mrs. Lucy Henson, played by Lacretia Washington and Mrs. Josephine Peary, played by Brittney Watkins are standing on the dock as they watch the SS. Roosevelt "steam" off to adventure!

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