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Book report, essay, or drawing contests win prizes

Your class
can send us artwork, or book reports (you decide winners for us) and we'll make a webpage about the class. The reports and artwork will be permanently published on this site. Please provide a plain text copy of book reports or essays (so we can cut & paste text into a web page). We will award prizes such as books, posters, commemorative Peary coins, etc. Please email us and discuss what you want to do.

Student artwork is posted at http://www.matthewhenson.com/kidsart.htm.

You may either send original student art via USPS or scan and email the JPEG files.
Best for me is that you scan and send JPEGS (do a single one first as a test). I will award prizes—shipped to your school via USPS Media Mail or Priority Mail. I will post the drawings on the website—forever!
Here are examples:
Conwell Middle School—drew Matt at the North Pole; School Artwork—drawings inspired by the TNT movie


Henson play by 5th grade class!  Teacher's curriculum

Show the video, Glory & Honor, to your class.

Buy the video from a video store. Obtain the TNT Learning's curriculum.  http://www.matthewhenson.com/honor.htm

Go to:


The current location of TNT's education guide is here:

Purchase the video at Amazon.com and watch it with your class. Use the curriculum for discussions and assignments.

Read a Henson book.

Library section 3 has numerous offerings for all school ages.

Idea: Chapter one of Matt's biography is printed on the website as a free preview.

Or read to them from the fascinating book Matt wrote himself.

For young readers, or to introduce young readers to the full scope of African American titles try the Golden Legacy History series.

These comics illustrate the lifes of many famous Blacks. Golden-Legacy.com
Glory & Honor movie is about Matt

The 1998 Matthew Henson movie

Show this website to your class.

Visit the pages ahead of time and save them in your web browser's cache. Then your class can quickly go from page to page without any download delay.

Take the 1909 expedition to the Pole. Photos from Peary's 1910 book The North Pole have been restored so you can see exactly what it was like. http://www.matthewhenson.org/North_Pole_Trip2.htm

Visit the photography gallery, the Arlington National Cemetery grave site. http://www.matthewhenson.com/arlington.htm

Review the library section: http://www.matthewhenson.com/library3.htm

You can't beat this fine little Henson book for it's $4 price, available from Amazon.com Matthew Henson: Arctic Explorer, by Michael Gilmam