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Racial dispute
Inadvertent Racism?
Diary Excerpts
British Polar Failures
versus dogs
Who is "The World's Greatest?"
Is Fiennes
an explorer?
Who really found Ubar?
Classic Polar Suffering
Guinness credits Peary with North Pole discovery
Guinness history?

Titles of nobility

South Africa's
Sunday Times
"(Fiennes) affects a manner of disinterest and snobbish disdain... His aloofness...raises suspicions that behind the craggy squire-ish facade is a man terrified of others."
UK Guardian says (excerpted quotation)
From: http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4111108,00.html
"Ranulph Fiennes...reignited a race row...rejecting claims...one of the first people to reach the North Pole was a black man."
More about the UK Observer's Guardian interview with Fiennes...
Guinness Book of Records declares Henson & Peary first reached the North Pole. Fiennes disagrees. Will Fiennes share his "mathematical proof" with Guinness? With this website?
Commentary about this UK Guardian article:
"Fiennes says: 'Sadly, I doubt that Henson and Peary ever got to the North Pole.
It can be mathematically* proved that they could not have done it
on the basis of their notes.
(UK Guardian)
*We invite Fiennes to send us a copy of this "mathematical proof" so we may publish it.
One of Fiennes English friends, and an American business associate of Fiennes, have accused us of calling Fiennes a "racist". The screen shot (above) of the Guardian web page proves that references to "racial dispute", "a race row", and "rejecting...a black man" are 100% British in origin. We have written both of the aforementioned gentlemen letters explaining all this. Yet they seem to reject the achievement of Henson & Peary as readily as Fiennes did to Ben Summerskill. If more people write to us about this we shall endeavor to provide additional web pages explaining the facts of Henson & Peary's successful 1909 North Pole expedition; an event that remains un-equaled to this day.
More about the UK Observer's Guardian interview with Fiennes...

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