Scientific American Jan. 1, 1910
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"By this sweeping repudiation of Dr. Cook’s claims, the University of Copenhagen has drawn the final curtain upon one of the most spectacular dramas of audacious imposture in the history of geographical research."

The September 1909 issue, above,  and January 1910, below
1910 and Peary is declared the discoverer of the Pole. Men of science were duped by Cook just as readily as the public. An interesting apology from this magazine.
The "polar controversy" ended in December 1909. You can read that absolute conclusion from the text of this Scientific American article dated January, 1910. This being an historical fact, one may rightfully ask "Why are some people still beating this very dead horse 90 years later?"


The year 1909 will forever be famous in the annals of scientific accomplishment as having witnessed the successful culmination of the age-long quest for the North Pole; and the achievement of Commander Robert E. Peary of the United States navy in finally reaching this theoretical point at the dome of the world, after twenty-three years of practically uninterrupted endeavor, will stand as the most difficult feat of geographical exploration in the history of the world. It was eminently fitting that Peary should be the first to reach the North Pole; for among all, the Arctic explorers he was easily the first in practical knowledge and experience. When he announced to the world on September 5th that on April 6th, 1909, he had reached the coveted goal, his word was accepted without question. Subsequently, his data was passed upon favorably by the National Geographic Society of America, which later presented him with its medal; and the verdict of this tribunal has been tacitly indorsed by the various learned societies throughout the world. In our issue, of September 11th, commenting upon the freely-expressed doubts of Dr. Cook’s claim that he also, and a year earlier, had reached the North Pole, we wrote: “The man who can look Death full in the face throughout all the cruel sufferings of a two years’ search for the secret of the frozen North, is built upon lines too noble to admit of the slightest subterfuge or misrepresentation.” It was evidently with the same conviction that the Danish authorities and the Danish people at large accepted Dr. Cook’s stupendous claim in a spirit of loyal belief, which appears never to have wavered until, the fiasco of the receipt of his so-called data by a committee of the University of Copenhagen. These gentlemen very quickly reported that Cook’s statement was the same as that printed in a New York newspaper; that the copy of his notebooks contained “no original astronomical observations whatsoever, but only results;” that the documents presented were “Inexcusably lacking in Information which would prove that the astronomical observations therein referred to were really made;” and that they contained “no details regarding the practical work of the expedition and the sledge journey which would enable the committee to determine their reliability.”

By this sweeping repudiation of Dr. Cook’s claims, the University of Copenhagen has drawn the final curtain upon one of the most spectacular dramas of audacious imposture in the history of geographical research.

Second only in importance to Peary’s achievement in reaching the North. Pole was Lieut. Shackleton’s wonderful journey in the Antarctic, when he succeeded in reaching latitude 88’degrees 23; minutes; south, and arrived within 111 miles of the South Pole. Shackleton passed the very point reached by Scott in 1903; pushed on for 325 miles and was defeated in his quest by hunger, fatigue, sickness and the loss of his dogs and ponies. He discovered eight new and distinct mountain ranges and over one hundred mountains, and ascended Mount Erebus, the most southerly volcano. The south magnetic pole was reached at 72 degrees 25 minutes

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