Roosevelt Crew List 1908–1909 
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Expedition Members

Here is a list of those who sailed aboard Peary's ship, the Roosevelt, in 1908–1909. It is derived from Peary's book, The North Pole. It lists all non Eskimo expedition members but I am not sure that "Crew Members" list is a complete one. It is certainly incomplete with respect to the Eskimo contingent.

Prepared by (send email) Robert Peary Stafford. Please feel free to write if you are looking for more detailed information.

Robert  E. Peary; (Bert)
Civil Engineer, US Navy-Commanding

Robert A. Bartlett; (Cap'n Bob) Ship Master

John W. Goodsell, MD; Medical Officer

Matthew  A. Henson; (Matt) Assistant

Ross G. Marvin; Secretary/Assistant (Died on Expedition)

Donald B. MacMillan
; Assistant 

George Borup; Assistant
Roosevelt Ship Crew Members: 
George A. Wardwell, Chief Engineer
Thomas Gushue, Mate
John Murphy, Boatswain (Stayed in Etah, Greenland)
Banks Scott, Second Engineer
Charles Percy, Steward
William Pritchard, Cabin Boy (Stayed in Etah)
John Connors, Seaman
John Coady, Seaman
John Barnes, Seaman
Dennis Murphy, Seaman
George Percy, Seaman
J Bently, Fireman (stoked the steam engines)
Patrick Joyce, Fireman
Patrick Skeans, Fireman
John Wiseman, Fireman

49 Eskimos accompanied Peary to the shores of the Arctic Ocean—22 men, 17 women and 10 children. Thus, the following is not a complete list.

The first four actually reached the Pole.
Egingwah (Ootah's brother)

Cookswah Inighito
Pingahshoo—(a 12 year-old boy)
Kudlooktoo—(confessed to having killed Ross Marvin)
Pooadloonah—(brother of Egingwah and Ootah; sent home for refusing to go further north once he was out on the ice)
Panikpah—sent home for refusing to go further north
Kudlah "Harrigan"—(Kudlooktoo's cousin, who was present at Marvin's death)

*The spelling here is what Peary used; modern spelling is taken from a Danish phonetic system and is very different.

Roosevelt, locked in Ice. Photo from The North Pole by Peary

The Eskimo women from Smith Sound spent the winter on the ship with their husbands and the 200+ dogs. They sewed the fur outfits worn by the 1909 expedition. Photo from George Borup's book A Tenderfoot With Peary.

Female Eskimos
There were several single ones, but most were wives of the male Eskimos on board. The names of a few of the women are mentioned.
Tookoomah—(Egingwah's wife)
Akatingwah—(pregnant, gave birth on Mar 8, 1909 to a boy)
Miss Bill
Alnayah—(or "Buster")

Finally, they brought along 246 dogs from the Eskimo villages. These were the legendary Eskimo huskies who would haul heavy loads. About 133 of them went out on the polar ice pulling supply sledges for the expedition. At least one of them died from exhaustion and exposure. Weaker ones were used to feed the others on the way home from the Pole.

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