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1909 "George Borup's letter to his father" - Enthusiastic account of the Peary's expedition
1909 "Peary's Negro Lieutenant..." - Miscellaneous newspaper clips
1910 "Matt Henson Tells The Real Story..." Boston American newspaper
1910 "Testimony From Matt Henson" - letter published in Hampton's Magazine
1910 "The Negro At The North Pole" - The World's Work magazine, Henson's first publication
1912 Book Reviews of A Negro Explorer at The North Pole - The New York Times & The Nation
1932 "Veteran Explorer Finds Radio Enlivens..." - New York Times
1939 "Discovery of the Unsung Hero..." - Ken Magazine
1939 "First at The Pole" - Lowell Thomas interview (text version)
1939 "First at The Pole" - Lowell Thomas interviews Henson - with PDF download

"...even if he is a negro, is an American..."
The origin of Peary hatred and Henson racism begins in September, 1909 when the public learned that Henson had gone to the Pole. Without going into all the details of this here, one can see the inherent racism in the reports. Soon they would be saying that Henson was not a "reliable witness".

Henson is not presented in these news clippings as a person, but rather as a "Negro". He is also referred to as Peary's servant, even though Matt had been listed as Peary's assistant for many years. In one paper (not shown here) he is incorrectly listed as Peary's cook.

One clipping "Henson Ordered to Rear..." is part of another interesting aspect of this historical event - see this restored Boston American article.