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Free restored photos for 100th anniversary— and forever
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Henson alone on deck
These are from my collection of prints. Scans run from 125 up to 1024 pixels wide (for print quality). Thank you for honoring the memory of these men. Happy 100th anniversary to Matt, Peary with all the team members, include the hundreds of dogs who made it possible to discover the North Pole!

Henson & friends

Henson, Bartlett,
Borup, MacMillan
Henson after the Pole Roosevelt ship's crew

1939 magazine story

Henson with his sledge Henson, Goodsell, Borup USPS 22 cent  stamp
Photo Gallery
Take the 1909 trip to the Pole with Matt
Bradley Robinson collectionphotos for journalists/media

Special Collectionphotos for journalists/media

Publicity Photos
—photos for journalists/media

The Explorers Club—wonderful Henson artifacts

Shannon Eagle—Her class draws Matthew Henson

Fort Conger—photos by Paul Landry

Aviaq II Henson—Moriusaq, Greenland

Laila & Aviaq Henson—Nuuk, Greenland

Page 01—with muskox / $.22 stamp / Arlington 

Page 02—USNS Henson / maps / in parka / Navy Medal

Page 03—with 1909 team / Eisenhowser / 1912 studio 

Page 04—Misc. kids artwork after "Glory & Honor" film

Page 05—the 1909 North Pole expedition

Page 06—Laila Henson / Inuit descendants of Henson

Page 07—North Pole action figures

Page 08—Arctic photography, color, Walrus & Icebergs

Page 09 —Wreath Ceremony at Arlington, 1998

Page 10—Henson families at the US Navy Reception, 1998

Page 11—Henson descendants on the USNS Henson, 1998

Page 12—Comic book / poster / bust / misc.

Page 13—Photos from Matt's own 1912 book


The 1-oz. sterling silver proof commemorative Henson Medal. This is the 5th medal issued by The American Negro Commemorative Society. Sculptured by Dudley Moore Blakely

Cigarette cards of famous explorers (made in England during the 1920's)

Robert E. Peary
(top left)

Scott, who starved to death (middle right)

Nansen the famous Norwegian explorer
(bottom right)

1986 US
postage stamp

Matt after
the Pole.

Matt with a baby Musk Ox.

The Henson Monument by
Dr. Counter, made in 1988.
Peary & Henson discovered the great meteorite.

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