Honoring those who have reached the North Pole by dog team

"The North Pole discovery is one of the noblest stories in the history of exploration...a story of the battle of two invincible Americans..."

"...against the terrible elements of the Arctic; a battle which lasted eighteen years and left one of the Americans, a steel-willed man of grit, a cripple for life....It is a human story filled with tragic suffering, pathos and humiliation. And it is noble, because these two Americans, who made the last great discovery in the Northern Hemisphere, were a white man and a Negro." continued...
(above) Peary's 1909 polar army: Henson & Peary had 18 years mastering travel in the Arctic and 10 years on the Arctic Ocean.
(above) Its the dogs, stupid!
Peary and Henson were dog team masters. English explorers did not use dogs; they used their men who died from exhaustion.
Go to the Pole in 1909 with the teamlearn how they did it

New Evidence places Peary at The Pole—(within +/-5 miles)
RCA Victor sound recording—Robert E. Peary

Peary's Diary publishedfirst ever transcription

Matt Henson's 1912 book.  
Perfectly & authentically restored.
Still a fascinating read worth savoring again and again.

Peary teammate George Borup's

Matt Henson's official biography  
Restored with over 200 photos, maps and illustrations. New edition includes "The Polar Aftermath" by Congressman Fess.


Peary Coins
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Herbert had grossly overloaded sledges; was no match for Peary.
Fiennes tried snowmobiles but not dogs, cut off his finger tips with a fret saw, wrote a "fitness" book then nearly died from a heart attack!
Arctic Huskies disprove anti-Peary author Wally Herbert's & his silly "theories"

Northwinds' highly skilled men and their remarkable dogs have shown the armchair skeptics once and for all how to reach the North Pole.

Forget skis, forget "man hauling", forget snowmobiles! Its the dogs that get you there. But only if you know what you are doing. And no one knows how to do it like Paul Crowley and Paul Landry.

Wally Herbert
did not properly research even the basic facts about Peary's 1909 dash to the Pole.

In fact, his letters to the vindictive daughter of polar fraud Fred Cook prove that he had joined the anti-Peary camp before his 1969 camping trip. For example, when Herbert decided to claim himself as the first person to reach the North Pole he theorized Peary had drifted west of the Pole, but the actual Peary Diary proves otherwise.

Herbert also claimed Peary traveled too fast but again was wrong. Not only is there no evidence to support any of this theories, but evidence inspected after Herbert's book prove his ideas were wrong. More...