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Peary's ship captain Barlett has Inuit children!
Peter Henson has eyes for Bria Schurke!
Paul Schurke reports latest from Greenland
September, 2002
We were interested to learn on our dogsled trek through northwestern Greenland last May that Peary's ship captain Bob Barlett also fathered a son with an Inuit women in Thule. He and Inalook had a son Kavigarssuaq, who in turn fathered at least 5 sons and a couple daughters, one of whom now lives in the U.S.

I've emailed Morriasuq for more info on the Bartlett connection. Seem strange that Allen Counter didn't stumble upon that connection during his visits there. The villagers are quite proud and forthright about the Bartlett progeny.
Did you ever see the National Geographic film "Ice Riders" about our 2001 trip with Ussarquk Henson? His son Peter Henson is now quite enamored with my 17-year-old daughter Bria, who accompanied me on that trip. Peter calls us about every week now wooing her. What a strange and wonderful world!

Paul & Susan Schurke
Henson grandson Ussarkaq Henson
Corwin Peterson gives Dark Companion as gift
May, 2002
Corwin Peterson recently took a dogsled trek from Sassivivik to Quaanaaq Greenland. The trip was organized by Paul Schurke. Ussarkaq Henson (now age 65) was with us and did exceptionally well with son Peter's help, although his knee is painful.

Tekumeq Peary invited us into her home in Moriussaq for tea and cookies. At the end of the trek, Ussarkaq invited me in to his home in Quaanaaq where I gave him my personal copies of Dark Companion and A Negro Explorer at the North Pole and met his wife Simigaq and son Thomas.

Corwin Peterson
Paul Landry reaches North Pole, again
Walks to North Pole in record time

May 5, 2002 - Paul and Swee have arrived at the Pole! They were both on great form after their amazing journey. They only took 45 days which is probably the second fastest ever and only a three days behind the time the two Pauls took when they dog-sledged to the North Pole in 2000. Also, on the first day they only traveled for one hour before camping! The weather cleared as they arrived at the North Pole to make a perfect ending to a perfectly executed expedition. They will be picked up by the Twin Otter on 6/5. Paul and Swee certainly did this expedition in style!



NorthWinds huskies! Yeah! Crowley & Landry are the only persons to put "on the ice" the same skill as Peary's dog sledge expedition had in 1909. Yet men without their dog handling skill have said for decades that traveling so fast to the Pole was impossible.

Will these authors now step forward and publicly say "whoops! we were wrong"? Wally? Dennis? Mr. Librarian? Mr. Weber? Come on, now...

Well, we're all waiting...


Paul Landry reaches South Pole
North Pole and South Pole in the same year

Matty McNair of NorthWinds emailed us January 26, 2002 to announce the fact that Paul Landry has reached the South Pole! But no dogs - they are not allowed in Antarctica ever since Robert Scott used his men as dogs and worked them to death while Amundsen used canine dogs and easily reached 90 degrees South. So Paul used skis in true masochistic British tradition. What an amazing athlete! We love the NorthWinds people; did you see Matt's movie "Glory & Honor"? Wonder where all those arctic huskies came from that pulled Matt's sledge? That's right! From the folks at NorthWinds. Those were Paul Landry's dogs.

"...20 "ordinary women" were chosen ...5 teams of 4 women joined Matty on the polar ice for 15 days before passing the baton to the next relay team. Matty was on the ice for a total of 82 days, skiing and pulling a pulk over 416 nautical miles of drifting polar ice.
Matty McNair is the expedition leader with NorthWinds who led, with assistant Denise Martin, the first all women's expedition to the North Pole. Matty wrote an excellent book about this, On Thin Ice, that we will review in the near future. Her beautiful photographs detail the intricate ice crystals that grow like flowers in varieties differing by their salinity. She gives vivid descriptions of the sights and sounds on the Arctic Ocean - ice pressure ridges forming that sound "like a train crash in the distance". She loads the rifle with anxiety when polar bear tracks are spotted because their single file team is vulnerable in the white out conditions. Yes, you can be eaten by bears while skiing to the Pole! The team faces a disaster when several members fall in the ocean and the expedition is separated by open water. Hypothermia sets in...well you have to read it! I won't tell you...

PS Buy direct - not available at

Landry and Crowley are famous for their April, 2000 dog sledge trip to the North Pole. They were the first people to do this in the same time as Henson & Peary in 1909 (well, within 4 days, but heck - Matt & Peary had 22 extra men helping them do it). Why was this so very special? Armchair critics had said that it was impossible. Really. As dumb as that sounds, it is true; for 90 years people with nothing better to do than try to shoot down the achievements of others claimed that Matt could not have traveled so fast to the Pole with dog sledges. Now these people have been proved wrong. But hey, are any of those people who shot down Matt apologizing? Nope.

What does all this prove? It proves that people who sit in libraries looking for "truth", or little English runts who try to be big shots need to know that the spirit of the Arctic is alive and powerful. But she is fickle and only gives her powers to the good guys such as Henson & Peary, Matty & Denise, and Crowley &  Landry...get it? She turns her spiritual back on the rest - the bitter snowmobilers, a British stuntman who brought his bathtub, or masochistic man-haulers.

Then tell us now, oh you great experts of "Truth", that Matt Henson was a liar and could not have reached the Pole. Show us again your "proof" that Henson and Peary traveled "impossibly fast". Impossible? Henson and Peary liars? Looks like the book authors and research librarians are the liars. Or else idiots. Take your pick. Maybe they are both?

 Impossible? No, it was not. I say "Thank God for NorthWinds!" Arf! Arf!


Matt Museum
Matt on display with other legendary African Americans

Joan Bernard Bradley, Director, School of Nations Museum in St. Louis, Missouri has honored Matthew Henson with a display case near Martin Luther King and other famous people. Matt looks great with his poster, books, his cool action figures from Child Light, and even a carved Eskimo. Super job by Bradley! See the display here...
Essential Henson
North Pole Legacy (New Edition) by S. Allen Counter

Standing Ovation for Dr. Counter
Hold the phone! Harvard's Dr. Counter comes out swinging. Enough of this racism from librarian Bryce! You have GOT TO READ pages 230 - 235 to see the proof for yourself. It takes brilliant scholarship to totally discredit someone who pretends to be a real scholar as the junior college librarian has to the book world. The fact-by-fact presentation Counter presents here will impress anyone. This new information about biased "Cook & Peary" author Bryce will be fully explored in a future review. In my opinion, this is one librarian is now permanently on the "hot seat". 

Purchasing this new version can be justified just to read the new chapter in which Counter explains the developments since 1988 when the first version was released. Learn how Counter succeeded in having a US Naval ship named for Henson as well as the Hubbard Medal award to grandniece Audrey Mebane. Go Harvard!

Editorial Reviews: New York Times Book Review 
"A poignant and gripping book." 

Book Description 
Upon hearing rumors that the men who discovered the North Pole had fathered sons while on their expedition, S. Allen Counter arranged to visit the remote villages where Robert Peary, the credited discoverer, and Matthew Henson, the black man whose contributions to the expedition are widely ignored, stayed during their travels. This book recounts the astonishing story of Counter's trips to Greenland and the relationships he develops with the Eskimo ancestors of the two men. At the same time, new evidence about Peary's journey to the Pole is examined, and it comes to light that Henson, was the true hero. 

About the Author 
S. Allen Counter is a neuroscientist at Harvard and the founder of the Harvard Foundation, an organization devoted to intercultural and race relations. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

<Click for larger size>
Henson descendants 
Matthew's grandson Vittus
We wish you happy holidays, it is good to hear from you again.
It is good to be together at the holidays. The numbers of the persons:
1: Ane Steffani( Kuuka) Akku wife
2: Laila
3: Vittus Henson
4: Cecilie, Vittus' wife, our mother

5: Akku
6: Pipaluk, Akku's and Kuuka's daughter, 6 years old
7: Aputsiaq, Akku's and Kuuka's son, 3 years old
8: Ungaaq, Laila's son, 3 years old
9: Aviaq, Vittus' younger daughter
10:Ole Minik, Laila's elder son, 7 years 
11: Jonas, Aviaq the 1st. son, 8 months old
12: Aviaq the 1st. Uusaqqak's younger daughter

Happy holidays! Love, The Hensons from Nuuk.
Editorial Reviews
This is Henson's story in his own words, from his early years as a sailor to his meeting Robert Peary and their multiple expeditions to the North Pole. Filled with hair-breadth escapes from disaster and haunting evocations of life in the Arctic, this classic of exploration literature reveals Henson as the true hero of the journey, one who had been forced to accept a lower status because of his race. It was Henson who learned to speak the native tongue of the Eskimos, Henson who handled the dogs and broke the trail, and Henson who arrived first at the North Pole after being purposely left behind by Peary. New to this edition are rare articles and photos of the expedition that Henson published to set the record straight. 
This is really a perfect book. Skilful writing draws one into Matt's struggle beginning with the nearly fatal 1906 attempt to reach the Pole. Litwin will have you hooked from the first chapter. Then she tells the full Henson story with a fascination for this gentle, superhuman legend. It is generously illustrated from beginning to end (unlike the old system where all the pictures were grouped in one place). She used many restored photos showing the historical details of Eskimos, arctic hunting, and of Matt himself. In perspective, Laura baskes Litwin has produced the best biography of Henson since Dolan's benchmark biography in 1979. Dolan's well-written tribute to the amazing and legendary explorer had never been equaled. Until now that is. Litwin has captured the essence of Matthew Henson in an update to Dolan. 
Using a public domain Henson  book as a "bully pulpit."
Bryce devotes 32 pages of a 100 page book trying to convince you this Black man was too ignorant to have written his own book. Over the top racism is what I think.
Over the top racism!

Maybe you should remove this from your school library

This may be the beginning of the end for the "wanna be famous" librarian. Bryce has been fully exposed as a racist in Dr. Counters new edition of North Pole Legacy. What did he do here? He reprinted Matthew Henson's 1912 biography (public domain) and then used it as his "bully pulpit" to shove his negative views in front of the reader. He also did this to Peary's 1910 work The North Pole in a similarly disgusting manner. This librarian had his brief moment of attention when he published the monster sized Cook & Peary (1150 pages) that was NOT ABOUT PEARY! It was the biography of North Pole fraud and latter convicted felon Fred Cook. Readers soon caught on that all Bryce had accomplished was to document what a horrible criminal Cook really was. 

Apparently in an effort to stay in the book world spotlight Bryce took these public domain (anyone may print them) works and put his name on them with his "bully pulpit" remarks. He even reprinted what has to be the most disgusting polar book of them all - Fred Cook's 1913 vile slander against Peary titled "My Attainment of The Pole".  What will Bryce do next? Reprint the works of Adolph Hitler? Perhaps a 1,000 page biography of serial killer-cannibal Jeffery Dahmer?

Paul Landry 
The "arctic legend" sent his photos of Fort Conger
Check them out - these are rare pictures!

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