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Hi Bradley,
Do you have any information about what specific (maker and model) navigational, mapping ,and scientific instrumentation Peary took on the expedition? Was there a listing of all the items which went on the journey?They obviously had to make some choices with regard to the weight, quality, and durability in the polar environment of the instruments then available (transits, compasses, alidades, etc.). Are these pieces extant in the Smithsonian or other repositories?
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Dan Weinstock
Geneva, NY 
Dear Bradley,

Thank you for your email, for permission to use chapter1 of Dark Companion,
and for the enthusiasm you have expressed about the USNS HENSON. The ship is
magnificent. It is also a fitting tribute to Matthew Henson. Thanks for
helping make it so.

When I wrote last I ordered a single copy of Dark Companion for myself. I
would, in addition, also like to order three copies to put on the ship and
in our library.

Your USNS HENSON poster is being framed as we speak. I will forward it to
the address on the invoice you are sending, unless you specify otherwise.

I am also gathering pictures, specifications on the ship and other
information which you requested. You should be receiving them along with
the poster.

I would be glad to serve as a contact for the ship. My official email
address is, but I may see about having a nickname set
up to make it easier.

Most of your ideas are great, and I think we can help with them. The ship
can receive email, although there are locations where it is sporatic. Again,
we might want to set up a nickname for educational email to keep questions
separate from operational business.

I'm not sure where you are located, but HENSON is and will be in Pensacola,
Florida for some time. If you are in the vacinity and are interested in
seeing her we can arrange a tour for you.

Thanks again.

Bernie Cousins

To: "''" <>

I received a copy of your e-mail to Al Lewando concerning your desire for information concerning the USNS HENSON (T-AGS 63). As the Program Manager for these ships, I have collected information about each one as they were built. Attached you will find several files and photos that might be of interest. The photographs were provided to us by the Ship Builder, Halter Marine, Inc.

The HENSON is currently underGoing mission system testing in the Gulf of Mexico, operating out of Pensacola, FL. We plan to bring the ship to the Marine Technology Society Conference this fall in Baltimore, MD. The dates are 16-20 November. At some point the ship will be open for public tours. I don't have a lot of details yet as we have just put this in the schedule. It is my understanding that members of the Henson Family may be riding the ship from Norfolk, VA to Baltimore. No exact date yet as arrangements have not been made but it would probably be the weekend before.

I can provide more info in the future. If you want to find out more info you can try They have links to lots of oceanographic places. You might try for info about educational programs with NAVO.

A. Edward Gent
T-AGS 60 Program Manager
Naval Oceanographic Office (N61)
phone: (228) 688-5549
fax: (228) 688-4554

From: SMah3483 <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 20:05:19 EDT
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Subject: matthewhenson

i would like to know where are the surving families of matthewhenson. i would also like to know the names of the sons of matthewhenson and robertpeary

From: SMah3483 <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 20:36:04 EDT
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Subject: matthewhenson and descendents

please send me an email with as much as possible about henson son down to the grand-children. i am a student at metro college in atlanta ga. and the story is very interesting. i had no idea that an african american co-founded the northpole. i would like to know as much as i can about the where abouts of the families today.

From: Mita Johnson <>
Subject: Want info. on The Mathew A. Henson
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I am a student at AMC, Atlanta Metropolatian College And I would like as much information as possible on Mr. Matthew A. Henson and his family in Alaska and America. Pictures if possible. it is a class assignment and I am interested in this man.

Mita T. Johnson "M2thin"
May 28, 1998

Organization: Hamburg Central Admin.
To: Bradley Robinson <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 12:55:50 +900
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Subject: Re: Movie Questions
Priority: normal

WOW! That is too cool! We are graduating on Wednesday! Yea! Thanks
for putting our pictures on your website. We feel like we are famous

Thanks again!

Desha Bierbaum
960 E. Parker, Hamburg, AR 71646
From: Laila Henson <>
To: "''"
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 10:44:39 -0200
Importance: high
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Dear Bradley

Userly I haven't the family picture, the picture is from newyear. From
the left my son's father Johan, me Laila, my little brother David, my
brother Akku, Kukka my brother's girl friend, my joungerst brother
Allen, my sister Aviaq, my cuosin Maliina with niece Eva, the sitting
persons are from the left my mother Cecilie behind grand daugther
Pipaluk, my father Vittus behind grand son Ole Minik, the last is my
cuosin Cecilie.

Maliina and Cecilie are daugther's bey Avataq Henson

I hope you will receive the picture please answer the e-mail.

Laila Henson
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