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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 11:22:21 -0500
Subject: news
To: Bradley Robinson <>

Ok.......we've Gotten some pretty Good news thus far. TNT has granted us permission to send you Glory & Honor. So, we are Going to give it a day (time enough for you to watch the movie...haha) & then forward on all of your requests. I should be getting back to you with answers in a day or so.

Thanks, Bradley! Have a great day.

(By the way, the honey was STUPENDOUS!! And, you're right, it tastes nothing like store-bought. And what incredible texture. Amazing....)
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 16:57:04, -0500
Subject: Hello

I'm in the eighth grade and we are learning about african-american
inventors, scienctists, etc. My first choice was Matthew A. Henson
because I already knew some about him. Thank you to all who helped
create this website. It's helped greatly.


From: Laila Henson <>
To: "''"

Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 13:45:36 -0300
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Dear Bradley

Thank you for the letter. Right now, I am trying to get an a family

Also I have receive E-mail from Dennis Burrough, and he will like to now
more about us. the Henson¥s from Greenland.

It¥s my pleasure to receive you gift, abouth Matthew Henson it¥s very
kind of you.

Also, we will like to send you a gift to thank you, please send you

Laila & Aviaq

My adress is:

Laila Henson
c/o Box 1005
HJ.Rinksvej 14, 3-213
3900 Nuuk

From: Laila Henson <>

To: "''"

Subject: From Greenlan Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 15:36:40 -0300

Nuuk date. january 25 1998.

Hello, Bradley

For the first, we well like to thank you and other people who care about

Matthew A.Henson. And we are very proud, because yuo greated this website.

It’s very astounding for us, that many people are interest to write

about him. It’s not quit logn time aGo that, ve read it in internet,

than Debbie Allen have made a movie about Matthewm Henson’s life, "Glory

and Honor". We are really also glad for it. We hope the movie, will

premiere in our city this summer. We wille like to introduse for our self.

We are Maat’s great grank children. Matt had a son Anaukaq, who lived in

Greenland. Anaukaq have 5 son’s, one of them Vittus is our father, we

are Vittus’s daugther’s. It`s was our pleasure to wite to you.

Laila & Aviaq B. Henson

Nuuk, Greenland

From: ZennBike

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 23:59:52 EST


Subject: Hello

My class and I are creating a project for first-graders to learn about Matthew

Henson for Black History Month. Do you have any elementary education

curriculum materials that we can use? We have enjoyed your web site. This is

some of the best work I've seen on the net for education.

Felix Avila-Fleming

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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 12:57:47 -0500
Subject: Matthew Henson website info
From: Trish.
Hello, Bradley.

First of all, let me start by saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed
the Matthew Henson website. I first came into contact with the
Peary/Henson expedition in great detail as my colleagues and I
received the script to the upcoming TNT original, Glory and Honor.
Before I get ahead of myself, let me back up and tell you a bit about
what we do here.

I work in the educational division of Turner Broadcasting, Turner
Learning. Turner Learning is responsible for the educational program,
CNN NEWSROOM, and for educational outreach for the Turner networks
(TNT, TBS, TCM, Cartoon Network, CNN). As support for the networks, my
group produces and assists in the development and marketing of
curriculum materials culled from network programming.

For example, TNT has asked us to do a curriculum guide for Glory and
Honor. (I should point out that this is a value-added service that the
network provides to educators, and, as such, we make NO profit from
this. Teachers receive information/materials absolutely FREE.)I was
initially assigned to do research for the project. This, in a
nutshell, is how I came upon your website. The changes to the site, by
the way, over the past few months have been absolutely phenomenal.

I have several questions for you as a result of my discovery of your

1. Given your in-depth knowledge of Matthew Henson, could you explain
to me why, if he was in it simply for the knowledge, he felt it
necessary to write a book (A Black Explorer at the North Pole)? What
did he feel he would gain? If this is not the case, what else was he
in it for? This occurred not too long after the Emancipation of
slaves; can this opportunity he was given be in some way linked to

2. We loved your map illustrating the 1909 expedition. The map shows
the latitude and nautical miles from land to the North Pole. As we are
preparing the guide and accompanying website, would it be at all
possible to use this map? I know from previous readings on your
website that most of your information is not copywritten; I only hope
that this is not. What a fabulous map! Our graphic artist would
transfer this to the guide. If it is possible to use this (again, we
are not in ANY way gaining monetarily from this), I would love to find
out if you have it in larger form. Anything like this would be most
helpful. Also, if we could provide a link from our website to yours,
would that be possible?

I sincerely appreciate your time, and I'm sorry this is so long. My
enthusiasm has Gotten the better of my desire for brevity. Thank you,
again, for providing such a valuable service to the public.