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Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 16:47:12 -0800 (PST)
From: Randy Wade <>
Subject: Your site
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Just wanted to say I love your sight. It's very informative and I
really enjoyed the pictures.

I was wondering where you got your information regarding the TNT movie
"Glory and Honor." I can't find anything on this, but I did find two
other movies in development on the Peary/Henson story, "True North"
and "Race." There was also a TV movie called "Race for the Pole" that
starred Richard Chamberlain and aired in 1983.

It amazes me that so many people are interested in pot-shotting Peary
and Henson's 1909 assault of the Pole, saying Peary lied or faked his
attempt. Anyone that knows anything about Peary would know this is
preposterous. If Peary didn't reach the Pole in 1909, he just would
have tried again. He was a man obsessed with reaching the Pole. It
was a part of his being. It would be like a bind man lying that he
could see. Peary could never live with himself if he didn't make it.
Lying would have only made his life even more torturous.

If he wanted to fake his success, he could have done it years earlier
on his 1902 or 1906 expeditions. And why would he have chosen to turn
back in 1909, faking his sucess, when he could have easily continued
on the last few miles people say he was short? He wasn't forced back
by conditions or a lack of supplies.

People seem to forget that they didn't have satellite positioning
systems in 1909 and the Pole is a bit of a nebulous geographical area
that is hard to pin down. It just kills me that these so-called
modern day explorers are trying to lay claim to one of the most
incredible feats of mankind. Let's see anyone duplicate the feat of
Peary and Henson with the same equipment and supplies they had.
> Dear Betty,

> There are links to both of these at the site. Just go to the Index. OK?


Thank you for the speedy reply to Betty's query. I will not be in touch
with her for a day or two but am sure your suggestions will be pursued.
I am her internet channel and will certainly give her all the aid I can
in tracking down information about the tapestry.

Your site is enticing since I worked in the New York City Board of
Education as both teacher and administration and appreciate some the
comments I saw when we were browsing. Interesting and powerful site you
have developed and I shall return to it frequently to absorb the
materials about an underpublicized and nearly ignored figure of American

Thank you.

Don Reed
Dear Mr. Robinson,

I am writing this from a relative's house because I am new to the internet.
As a result, I have not fully explored your site, but think you may be able to
help me.

I am in possession of a tapestry that depicts a Japanese landscape. Among the
figures in the scene is one which is supposed to be Matthew Henson. I was
told that Mr. Henson gave this tapestry to my grandfather, Sol Johnson Sr.
The tapestry has been in my family since the early 1920's.

I am curious to find out if you can assist me in authenticating this piece of
art. The piece is approximately 6x3 feet, embroidered on a dark blue silk background.

I would appreciate any information you could give me. You may reply to this
message and the information will be forwarded to me.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Betty Blackman

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