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Mark, [from the FQ -- "Forced to-get-along Queendom"]
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Southwark; Firstnet Services, LTD. Northwood House, 195 North Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2AA
Monday, August 05, 2002, 05:42:21 AM

Great website, plenty of useful and interesting information. What excellent revelations about those sore Brits! We now know for sure that Peary and Henson reached the Pole. All we can say is that the British made a miserable failure of arctic exploration because they were so inflexible and ignorant of the obvious success of indigenous peoples. Peary and Henson used their techniques (clothing, method of travel), as Amundsen did to achieve polar success, while the English only harvested the failures of their own arrogance coupled with a lack of planning. Only now can we appreciate why Peary took years to perfect his approach to the Pole with teams to support him and never lost a man. But Scott just rushed in and killed all his men so foolishly. It is incredible that the English have been so bitter towards both Amundsen and Peary. Interesting, too, is how one Brit has tried to steal the North Pole and another has had a fine time besting Shackelton at the South Pole! You should write magazine articles exposing this "British Polar Pathology", or write a book. It seems to be a form of historical dementia that acts out some inner need of those people to regain the sense of ruling the world they lost. We are lucky that skilled Americans in modern times have examined the scientific record with more intelligence than anyone in the highly prejudiced "Island Empire" ever will. Obviously the conclusion of the Royal Geographical Society in 1910, that Peary had indeed reached the Pole, has been reaffirmed by the Americans even if the English wish to change it. Those Royal Geographic guys didn't know that Amundsen was going to make Scott look like a fool when they toasted Peary. Looking at the other entries in this guestbook, there are obviously children and students logging on here just like myself to make use of the resources you provide. I shudder to think what would happen if they had only the anti-Peary literature of the Cook society (of which Herbert was a frequent correspondent) and the likes of those English neo-historians who so desperately want to change their own awful past. Three cheers for being a lighthouse in a British fog. Mark
May, 2002

Dear Bradley,
I thought you would be interested to know that a small group of us have just returned 5/9 from a second trip to Greenland and a enjoyable dogsled trek from Sassivivik to Quaanaaq. The trip was organized by Paul Schurke. As before, Ussarkaq Henson (now age 65) was with us and did exceptionally well with son Peter's help, although his knee is painful. Tekumeq Peary invited us into her home in Moriussaq for tea and cookies. At the end of the trek, Ussarkaq invited me in to his home in Quaanaaq where I gave him my personal copies of Dark Companion and A Negro Explorer at the North Pole and met his wife Simigaq and son Thomas.


Corwin Peterson
Minneapolis, MN

Date: Fri, 03 May 2002

Dark Companion
This book must be sent to me because it is just what I need. I have just returned from Northwest Greenland where 6 of us hiked up to the Peary monument. We descended after an "H" (Hensen) suddenly appeared. Will be receiving photos from Smithsonian Mag photographer. Look for article in their Dec issue.

My presentation to our high school would be enhanced if I could receive a copy of this book giving me a much needed resource for my presentation on Matthew Hensen which includes pictures of Hensen family members I met in Qaanaaq &  Morriasuq. Please send to:
Sue Krusack
Glenbard H.S. Dist 87
596 Crescent Blvd
Glen Ellyn IL 60137


Dear Bradley,
are you aware that there is a German TV production on Matt's Greenland family? It was on TV today. And today's NYT historical front page is about Henson and Peary as well
1909: Explorers Robert E. Peary and Matthew A. Henson became the first men to reach the North Pole. The claim, disputed by skeptics, was upheld in 1989 by the Navigation Foundation.
Take care
Henning Allmers
Dear Bradley,
I have read most books including Mathew Henson account and enjoyed the process of discovery in reading about this part of history. I made a trip back to Brigus, Newfoundland where Captain Bob and the crew of the Roosevelt, including
my great grandfather Thomas Gushue were from. The rich history of Newfoundland and the role played by maritine industry in the development of arctic exploration. I have found a few instances where photographs have been mis-labeled, since I have dug into some of the crew's history and know a bit about some of the crew I might be of help. My family came to the states in the early 1960's from Canada and I have met my second cousins last summer in Brigus. Our family goes back to the 1700's in this one area of Newfoundland, Thomas was also a sea captain, although
he served as mate on that expedition. Thank-you for your Attention, Nancy E. Mellor
Santa Barbara, Californis
hi, my name's Christoph Dohe and im from a small town called lengerich in germany. im very interested in the greenlandian culture so i really enjoyed your pictures. thanks for your website!
Please send me the address to write to Amazon.Com so I can protest the negative reviews regarding Matthew Henson. Matthew Henson is my son's idol, my son wants to be like him a Pioneer in being the First African American to climb the Seven Summits, his goal is to climb Mt. Everest some time in 2003.

My address is Elliott Boston, Jr., 4136 West 62nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90043.

Respectfully yours,
Elliott Boston,Jr.
Hi Bradley- Jack & I love the new photos on the web site. Thanks so much.  I mailed you on Friday photos from Arlington cemetary and more photos of Jack and his project. I'm sure Jack's teacher Mrs. Thornton will be pleased with her name on your site.

Thanks again.! Lynne

Love the site
In the search for history of when the first Igloos were built and by who I came across your site of Q&A. When in history were the igloos built in relation to the time of the building of the domes of Europe in or around 2000 B.C and/or were the Inuits the first or the greeks? If you have any information you could share I would deeply apprieate it.

Thank you very much for you time

From: "" <>
Subject: Matthew Henson
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002
Organization: The InterRacial Connection

Dear Bradley,

Thanks for a wonderful and truly educational experience. I didnít realize there was so much controversy surrounding the 1909 expedition of Matthew Henson and Robert Peary. You Website has been an eye-opener.

I am the Webmaster of a website, (New) that deals with race relations, multiracial culture and interracial relationships called the InterRacial Connection. As a part of my efforts to educate internet readers on the contributions of African Americans to American History, I have posted and published almost a hundred pages of biographical information using my First Day Cover Collection, (stamps) of Black Heritage and History as illustrations.

I still have a few more biographies to complete and just finished writing and posting my Matthew Henson page. I linked extensively to your website including the PDF downloads page and the book purchase page. I sincerely hope that I have done justice to your Website and to Matthew. I would very much appreciate a visit and your opinion of my efforts.

My main page is located at: The InterRacial Connection, (itís frames). Click on the African American Heritage and History link on that page and then click on Additional African American History Stamps. Finally, click on Matthew Henson. Or you avoid all that clicking and go directly to the Matthew Henson Page. I will also be adding your Website to my regular African American History links page.

The InterRacial Connection
Mailto:Richard Tucker

Dear Bradley I just read your review of Randall Kennedy's book "Nigger." In December of 2001 I self published a book, The Black Folks Guide To Dealing With Niggots.
Niggot is a new word that I coined to define a Nigger cloned from a Bigot. It deals with black bigots who try to pull themselves up by pulling other black folks down like crabs in a barrel. I call Niggots New Millennium Niggers." You can order the book on or I would be happy to overnight one to you. Please email me for details.
Thanks Judge Leslie Isaiah Gaines. Please let National Public Radio know about the book and that I Am availaable to discuss it with them.
My nine year old daughter just finished a three page report on Matthew Henson. She found your website to obtain some pictures for the report. Thank-you for such a fantastic website with such detailed information. "EACH ONE TEACH ONE "that is exactly what you have done and now she will do the same with 22 other kids who never heard of MATTHEW A. HENSON!
Thank-you, Terrie Ali
I have to questions about matt henson :
how did he help man kind and our society?
how was his specalty of living ?
Please send to me soon
Hi! My name is Laina, I live in San Antonio, TX, and I'm 11 years old. I just found out about Matthew, because of a school biography book report I had to do. And I'm really glad that you respect him as much as I do. He never gave up because he was black, and I think he was much smarter than Peary!! He also got to meet Eskimos and speak their langauge, and learn how to dog sled!. I'm so glad you made this website. THANKS!!

Would like to purchase the book for my Niece who has do a book report on Famous African-Americans.  She had to draw names and she pick Matthew Henson.  Please tell me what information is needed to purchase this book complete with photographs and a source of payment (credit card, check or money order).

My name is Marvol Alexander, address is 3744 Halloway North, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772.  E-mail address is or

We look forward to hearing from you.

Hey Bradley,

Do you know the names of all the eskimos that took the pole along with Perry and Henson, and if so, could you respond to me with them. If you could, that would be great.

Gary Satow
Hamilton College

PS: This is a shot in the dark, but you wouldn't know which eskimo was carrying or placed the flag of Delta Kappa Epsilon at the pole, do you?
From: "Aviaq Lerch Henson" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002

Dear Bradley.
I wrote some words to the about Matthew Henson, well I hope I did it send them...
Well, I send you best wishes.
Aviaq L. Henson

5 out of 5 stars Greetings from Greenland., February 24, 2002 Reviewer: Aviaq Lerch Henson from Nuuk, Greenland.
My name is Aviaq Henson from Greenland.
I believe that Matthew Henson had wrote that book because all he said was true, why would a black man lie to write that book while there was still much of racism in societies. Only a true story would let a black man write in the early times.
Greentings from Greenland.

Would like to purchase the book for my Niece who has do a book report on Famous African-Americans.  She had to draw names and she pick Matthew Henson.  Please tell me what information is needed to purchase this book complete with photographs and a source of payment (credit card, check or money order).

My name is Marvol Alexander, address is 3744 Halloway North, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772.  E-mail address is or

We look forward to hearing from you.

I have studied copyright law extensively, and by the letter of the law, you are correct. ...Yes, it is true that you put a lot of work into modifying the original public domain images, I work with PhotoShop a great deal and know how exacting your work must have been, which I can see simply by studying the images you show on the is clear copyright law will protect you in your claim.

...I have found your site, MatthewHenson.Com to be one of the finest examples of Internet publishing that I have ever seen, after nearly 14 years of Internet experience.

It is obviously written directly from your heart, and
it is a noble and humble cause which you advocate. I am telling other people about the site, and will model some of my own design work on yours ...

Take care,
He should be known as a very great African-American explorer. Give half credit for discovering the north pole. People should be penalized for calling him a "nigger".
I have to questions about matt henson : how did he help man kind and our society? how was his specalty of living ?
Please send to me soon
NOTE: Aviaq is a Henson-Inuit descendant
From: Aviaq L.Henson, Nuuk, Greenland

Dear Bradley.
That is good that you write back to the person who seems to be a racist, and don't belive that there was a person name Matthew Henson who had live among people.
I can't belive people could write something like that.
We all doing fine here in Greenland, but my uncle Qillaq Henson who lives in Qaanaaq, he got some bacteries from a polarbear, we hope he will doing fine.
Best greetings,
Aviaq L.Henson

Hi Bradley,

I was researching my family history and happened upon your website. It is very informative and extensive.

I think the fact that Perry and Henson are buried side by side at Arlington National Cemetery shows the strength of their friendship and the level of respect that they
had for each other.

Thank You,
Mark Henson (no relation)
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002
Subject: this is ok

your site did not give me much info

Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 
Subject: report

Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002
Subject: Great-Great niece of Matthew Henson

I am the great-great niece of Matthew Henson, His Sister Carrie Bell Wright Kemp was my grandmother's mother, we are trying to locate this part of our family for the family tree and my graduate studies class. I would really appreicate any of your help. As I can see there were other sibling, we are trying to figure out was this a child of one of the step-mothers or his fathers. Thank-you for any assistance
Veda Pryor
From: "dane sanders" <>
Subject: Super Site!
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful explorer! We found your website the BEST! Thank you and THANK YOU, MATTHEW HENSON!
Megan Sanders
3rd grade
Upland Christian Schools
Alta Loma, California
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002
Subject: (no subject)

Hi my name is Porche and I want to know if you'll have anjy information on Matthew Henson because I have Black History report thats do today.If so can you tell me what website to look under because every one I go to it dont have
alot of information.

Thank You, Porche
From: "dane sanders" <>
Subject: Super Site!
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful explorer! We found your website the BEST! Thank you and THANK YOU, MATTHEW HENSON!

Megan Sanders
3rd grade
Upland Christian Schools
Alta Loma, California
I'd like to request the PDF of the Matthew Henson Award. My third grader chose M. Henson for his school project and will be presenting to the class in about a month. He will be making up a large poster presentation. We went to Antarctica 2 years ago, and ever since, my son has been very interested in both Arctic and Antarctic explorers. I know he would really like the Hendon Certificate. Thanks!
Lynne Miller

Hi Bradley-- Just got your email-- and we're just back from Arlington. No snow today-- rather unusually warm (in the 50's)-- I'd be happy to get a snow shot this winter if the weather cooperates. Not sure if I got great photos from today-- but when I develop them, I'll let you know. No
charge, of course. Have a nice day. Lynne

From: Morton Dorothy D CRPH <>
To: <>
Subject: yes! that looks like theft to me.
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002
Beautiful and very informative site! Thanks for the great photographs.
M. Vonier HS Schruns Dorf, Schruns, Austria
dear who ever is getting this,
Hi i am a girl of hunlock creek elem im in sixth grade and well i have a question first off i better tell you im learning about Mathew Henson and peary and lee and every one else that was on that expadion and my question is how did Mathew's parents die the whole class and even my teacher didnt noe so i was just woundering well email me back at .... thanks
p.s. its angel[thats an L and then an 8 alota pepole say 18 so just tellin ya ]

dear receiver,
Hi im kyrstin of hunlock creek elem. and my class is learning about matthew henson and we all have a question how did matthew henson's parents die every one doesnt noe even my teacher doesnt noe and well i volenteered to look it up and i tryed yahoo like a million times and i couldnt find it so please email me back as soon as possibble..THANK YOU


From:"Tim Rutland" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002

"...bitching, pissing, moaning and complaining "
I am visiting this web site to gather information on Mathew Henson for a school project. First and foremost all the bitching, pissing, moaning and complaining turns me off; at this point I would rather take an "F" grade instead of weeding through the anti-white propaganda to find useful information. There is not dought this man (black, white, red, yellow, purple or green) made his mark on history, if you want people (all PEOPLE) to read your message; stop the fingerpointing and whining. State the facts, highlite the accomplishments, entice people to read. If you lower yourself to the level of the people you are complaining are no better than they are. The truth will always prevail.

From: "Tim Rutland" <> 
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 

"...another pissed off black man"
We can continue to swap insults as long as you like; I find it amusing. The point to all this was simple; but apparently not simple enough. Allow me to clarify. School children (elementary) are FORCED to do research on Black Americans (African Americans if you prefer) to satisfy federal mandates. During the instructional phase they are instructed to use the internet. This is where you come into the equation. I do not know what your mission is (was) for this site. If it was to inform and educate the general public on the life and/or accomplishments of this man you certainly missed your mark! The way I see "it"; you are trying to sell a book. You must not think your book can sell itself by simply stating the facts (truth); you feel you must trash everyone else in order to pedal your goods. At this point all this is water under the bridge. I found three other sites that stated the facts without petty fingerpointing. After reading the contents of these aites I will agree this man is worth researching for his historical value.

Due to the fact that I have better things to do I will leave you with a final thought: All through history men (of all colors) have made major mistakes resulting in great injustices. The contents of your web site add up to nothing more than "the second wrong trying to make it right". 

Your site reaches many children of all races (colors), you should review it and determine if it will persuade children to read more about your subject or pass you off as another pissed off black man. (No insult intended; hopefully you will take my observation into consideration and review your site for educational content) There is no need to respond, I have a child to educate and protect from racism.

January 28, 2002
I have to do I report on him for school and I was wondering where I could get imformation on him??
To: "''" <>
Subject: Brits anti Peary?
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002

Bradley, you are wrong that the British are anti Peary because he didn't take Bartlett. That is one reason. The other is that Amundsen was getting ready for the north pole when he heard of Peary's claim (and presumably Cook's). He diverted to the south pole, and beat Scott, the famous British masochist. If Amundsen hadn't beat Scott, Scott might have been less depressed, and maybe would have made the extra 11 miles to his next depot. Or at least, he would have been first to reach the pole, even though he didn't make it back.

I don't know who these Russian guys are. A Russian group (one member of which my dad knew) went to the general area of the pole (by air) in 1937. They were probably 30 or 40 miles away, and set up a scientific station that they stayed on for about a year, until it drifted into the Greenland Sea. They could have started right at the pole, if anybody cared any more.

The race to the pole was over with Peary. He won, the race was over. Nobody else entered. It is like arguing about a call in a football game. The game is over. If somebody went in 1937, or 1948, or 1968, fine, but they were not in the race. There was no race any more. If there had still been a race, somebody else would have won it years before any of these guys.

By the way, the only account that I know of that was found in 1996 and found to be phony (supposedly) was Byrd's log, not Peary's.


January 26, 2002:
By the way, Paul should be reaching the S. Pole today

Hi Bradley,

By the way, you should look at what the World Guinness Book of Records put in for the Women's Polar Relay, something about them being the first women to reach the north pole, no mention that it was a relay, no mention of Denise & I who did the whole nine yards. I was going to make a fuss about it....but I have better things to do.
By the way, Paul should be reaching the S. Pole today. 

NorthWinds Arctic Adventures

From: "Miller, Matthew" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: FYI
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002
In 1948 Pavel Kononovich Sen'ko, Mikhail Michailovich Somov, Pavel Afanasyevich Geordiyenko and Mikhail Yemel' Yanovich Ostrekin from the Soviet Union were the undisputed first people to reach the North Pole over land according to the 1997 World Guinness Book of Records. In 1996, a copy of Peary's personal record was found and through todays scientific calculations, showed that Peary was also incorrect in his acount and landed him 20 miles off the North Pole which discredited Peary's claim.

Your site is well constructed, however.

thank you
/\\atthew /\\iller


January 21, 2002


Happy New Year! Site looks WONDERFUL, clean and easy to access.

Was at the Explorers Club last month for a lecture from a guy whose group in the 1960s was the first to climb the highest peaks in Antarctica. (A nice story -- no in-fighting, no fame-grabbing, just a bunch of good guys who loved to climb!)

Anyway before the lecture began, my husband and I sneaked upstairs to the hallowed members-only area to look for Matt-related artifacts. Our jean jackets must've gave us away because we were stopped and asked to leave almost immediately by a woman leaving her office who identified herself as the president of the club. Knowing I might not get this chance again, I willed myself to grovel & beg....and in fact, she not only let us up, she was pretty nice about it.

Unfortunately there wasn't much. She said they're planning a renovation and lots was in storage. (Unbelievably, she had a small bust of Matt on the mantle in her office AND DIDN'T KNOW IT! Now she knows.....!) But we did get to see, and lovingly pet, a sledge in pristine condition. It seems doubtful it was used much because it was in such good shape, but just to know that Matt Henson made it, and I got to touch it, was exciting beyond words.

Hope all is well with you Bradley. Again, the make-over looks great. Thanks as always for what you do.

Take care,
Laura Litwin