Laila Henson & the Greenland Henson Family
Photos from Greenland by Laila Henson (Summer, 1998)
Laila and her sister Aviaq have email and like to have pen pals.
Their father, Vitus Henson, is one of Matt's five grandsons!

Laila pictures: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5

The Fjord Near Kapisillit, Greenland,
This is an interesting link to Laila Henson's
home city of 13,000 - Nuuk, the capital of Greenland

Laila Henson & Aviaq Henson
Box 1005
HJ Rinksvej 14
3-2133900 Nuuk

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Incoming Mail

Outgoing Mail

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 23:08:37 +0100
Subject: Sv: I put the names on the pictures/Aviaq Henson II
To: Bradley Robinson

Hi Bradley We got your mail, it's very nice pictures Aviaq took! we can see the woman with hands up in the air it's Aviaq's bigsister Nalikkatsiaq Ajako's oldest daugther. very fine working with you make, my sister and me are just surfing in the net and suddently got your mail.
Laila and my sister Aviaq

From: Laila Henson <>
To: "'Bradley Robinson'"
Subject: SV: Your pictures on the website
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 17:48:00 -0200

Dear Bradley
Where you make a web-site to us, it is too much. We are amazed.
I don't even't know how to insert some stuff to internet.
I received those. I had busy in my job, and too busy answer you back.

First time we wrote to you just for fun, and never thuougt, we gonna be
in internet, and get my own web-site. It's unbeliveble what you do for
us, thank you so much.

The picture now name is.
Relative # 1:
This is my cousin Jens (Singaluk) son of Ajako, he is 31, they leving in
Moriusaq, have population about 40 people.

Relative # 2:
My uncle Ajako Henson, is business manage in Moriusaq. He's hunting
after work, and we can see in this picture he is doing carve at the

Relative # 3:
Vittus and his big brother Avataq, and there sister-in-law Simigaq
Usaqqak's wife. Avataq is preacher in Moriusaq.
Simigaq and Usaqqak leaving in Qaanaaq and they having a holiday in,
Moriusaq. My father he working in Thule Air Base, he had free from work
that weekend, so he took to Moriusaq to visit, actually Vittus live in

Relative # 4 + # 5:
This man is not in member of the family. he is my father's fellow

Relative # 6:
Ane Steffani ( Kuuka), and my brother Akku got a baby in 8-19-98 a boy.

Relative # 7:
My brother David 18 years old. He is in Denmark, goes to bordingschool,
and he's going to be there in one year.

Relative # 8:
My sister Aviaq 19, is in High school, she's just started in august, so
we hoping she will get finish the school. Good luck Aviaq.

Relative # 11:
Vittus and his youngest son, Allen is 11 years old. (NOT OLE MINIK).

Relative # 12: My son Ole Minik 4, and my niece Pipaluk, Akku and Kuuka's daugther is 3
years old.

Thank you very much.

Hello Laila!

I am glad you can see the website photos and you like them.

It is a lot of fun for me to do this. I will now go and put the names of the relatives in.

Thank you.


From: Laila Henson <>
To: "''"
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:25:35 -0200
MIME-Version: 1.0

Dear Bradley

I send the camera and 3 film return today, the 4 film I haven't receive
from Qaanaaq yet.
Thank you for your sending.

We developed the film and it looks great. I have sent you back your copies.The pictures are on a new web page for you.


From: Laila Henson <>b
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:25:35 -0200
MIME-Version: 1.0

Dear Bradley

I send the camera and 3 film return today, the 4 film I haven't receive
from Qaanaaq yet.
Thank you for your sending.

Thank you very much Laila!


(This is the film coming back from the camera we sent to her!)

Dear Bradley

Userly I haven't the family picture, the picture is from new year. From
the left my son's father Johan, me Laila, my little brother David, my
brother Akku, Kukka my brother's girl friend, my joungerst brother
Allen, my sister Aviaq, my cuosin Maliina with niece Eva, the sitting
persons are from the left my mother Cecilie behind grand daughter
Pipaluk, my father Vittus behind grand son Ole Minik, the last is my
cousin Cecilie.

Maliina and Cecilie are daugther's by Avataq Henson

I hope you will receive the picture please answer the e-mail.

Laila Henson

WOW! This is so cool!

It took a few tries but we finally got email attachments of jpegs worked out. Laila Henson sent this family picture by email July, 1998.

Laila lives in the Southern tip of Greenland - see the picture above of her home and links about her city, Nuuk.

This is a lot of fun to be able to share with her the website about her famous great grandfather.

In the front row the man sitting with the boy on his lap is Vittus. Vittus is a son of Anaquak Henson, Matt's Inuit son.

Laila, standing second from the left, is Matt's great grand daughter. What a happy looking, beautiful lady! She is the person who discovered this site and has been emailing to us.

Thank you very much Laila for the picture and for sharing your family with all of us.


Fra: Bradley Robinson[]
Sendt: 18. juni 1998 16:32
Til: Laila Henson
Emne: Re:

>Bradley but I live in Greenland in the capital called Nuuk, about walrus
>and polar bear's not exest here, we don't hunting them her in Nuuk, but
>in north Greenland were my uncle's live are walrus polar bear's, "not

Qillaq he is teacher he understand little englisk

Qillaq Henson
3971 Qaanaaq

Thank you!
Laila Henson

Dear Laila,

Yes, I understand! I have looked on the map and Nuuk is far away from
North area of Greenland. How can we get pictures from the other Henson
relatives who live North? Can I send your Uncles a camera and film like
did for you?

I would enjoy the fun to have all the Henson's in Greenland pictures on
website. I will send more cameras to them with film - what are their

Can I send to your Uncles?

Did you get to see the movie yet? Did you see the Glory & Honor Video?
you need a VHS player I have one you can have - it will play only, not
record. Is very inexpensive - would you like one to see the movie? I can
just give you one.

-Do not send another one is ok.. maybee have my uncles seen that. for my
father he tuck with movie,he work in Thule air base around He's
brother's in north.

So I hope e fun taking pictures of everyone and anything you like. I
will start more webpages for you and your family. People here are very
interested in Matt Henson and his children so I will work with you,
to present the whole family, all the names and relationships!

-We will try to help you, the names and the pictures.

Give me more Henson addresses to send more cameras to in North
Greenland! OK?

-Do not send other camera one is ok.

From: Laila Henson <>
To: "'Bradley Robinson'" <IMCEAX400-c=GL+3Ba=GL400+3Bp=KI
Subject: SV: Camera!
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:34:53 -0200
MIME-Version: 1.0

Dear Bradley

A camera?.
What's shall I take picture off, me and my family? or what..
I have ben in hollyday, i am just begain to work.

adress. is

Laila Henson
c/o Box 1005
3900 Nuuk

Yes... Greenland is state of Denmark.

ra: Bradley Robinson[]
Sendt: 9. juni 1998 04:23
Til: Laila Henson
Emne: Camera!

Hello Laila!

I sent you a camera and some film. You should get it in a few days.

Please take pictures and send me the film. I will make prints and send
back copies.

From: Laila Henson <>
Subject: Thank you very much
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 13:54:02 -0300
X-Priority: 1
MIME-Version: 1.0

Dear Bradley

I received the book's yesteday thank you very much to the book's, and I
have give my father the original of the book and he is very glad for it,
even he don't understand it.
The copy you make is very good work, you had do'it, and the picture's we
are very glad for it.You had did a big work about Matthew Henson.

I'm so sorry, because I am so slow, but I don' t have forget you I
promise you to send the family picture's and little gift to you. We
will, me and my family like to give gift about mine of Greenland, but is
very diffecult.

The video Glory and Honor we haven't see the movie yet sorry, I don't
have time to deliver to Nuuk TV-station.

Thank you for yuor gift.

Nuuk Greenland lailaphotos.htm