Henson & Peary Exploration Map
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This map from the 1947 edition of Matt Henson's biography, Dark Companion, shows the true perspective of what happened. Matt Henson and Commander Peary explorer over an 18 year period in order to learn how to reach the Pole. Peary had to raise money with his New York based "Peary Arctic Club" to build a special ship which he named The Roosevelt. With this excellent wooden ice breaking ship he was able to penetrate far up into the tip of Ellesmere Island - the best place to build bases from which to launch expeditions for the Pole.

Henson and Peary first looked for a land mass to the Pole.

No one knew if Greenland ended or went all the way to the Pole. They found out through years of exploration that it did not. They realized  that the only route to the Pole was over the treacherous, heaving frozen ocean.

Their very successful 1906 trip set the record for the farthest point North ever reached. But they had learned the secret to Arctic Ocean travel - it was very difficult and would require a large assault party to provide enough supplies.

In 1909 Matt and Peary made it to the North Pole.

It was almost effortless compared to the difficult trips from past years. Over 130 champion dogs pulled their sleds. Team after team of Peary's crew, Eskimos, and dogs left the base camp and took turns with the hardest part of the journey - breaking trail. Teams set up igloos at each days camp stocked with food.
Exploration map - 18 years of expeditions

North Pole Locator - view from orbit

Magnetic North Pole - is in Canada

Arctic Ocean floor map
- shows Lomonosov Ridge

Arctic Ocean Depths - from the 1909 sounding

Arctic depth map - proves Herbert theory is wrong

1909 supply teams - logistics map

1910 magazine - illustration maps

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