Matt Henson Award 

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Print your own Matt award!

Free artwork in PDF
No copyright restrictions for teachers or educators using this for non-commercial purposes. May not be sold - intended for free distribution to students only.

Download off the web and use your inkjet printer; hand write the students name, and run it through the laminator. You have a Henson Award!

If you have a very high resolution printer and glossy paper or even quality inkjet paper you will have a visually stunning product. Download in 150dpi (good) or 300dpi (best)

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Lisa McCall's 5th graders show off their certificates. They produced the play "Ahdoolo" which was performed a second time for the Navy at the Vice President's residence. Sadly they never sent the (many times) promised pictures of the encore performance.

Sarah Linahon and Teacher Lori VanFleet, St. Cecilia School in Ames, Iowa. Sarah made extraordinary improvements in her reading skills.

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