Matthew Alexander Henson 1866 - 1955
Arlington National Cemetery
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This is Matt's grave where he was reinterred April 6, 1988.

This monument is the result of Dr. Allen Counter's efforts.
"In 1986, Dr. Counter petitioned the President of the United States for permission to transfer the remains of Matthew A. Henson from Woodlawn Cemetery to their rightful place among other American heroes in Arlington National Cemetery. In October of 1987, the President of the United States granted Dr. Counter's request. Dr. Counter organized, planned, and coordinated the reinterment. On April 6, 1988, the 79th Anniversary of the North Pole discovery, Matthew Henson and his wife Lucy Ross Henson were reinterred by Presidential order with full military honors and a fitting new monument ... in Arlington National Cemetery."

The above excerpt is from Dr. Counter's website.

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Jack and Lynne Miller visited Arlington in 2002 to take these photos. See the slide shows created from the pictures Lynne donated.

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See Jack's school presentation on Matthew Henson
Arlington photos by Ron Williams


1998 Wreath Laying Ceremony
Visitors to Arlington. Send in your photos and we'll post them here.


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