Arctic Mission
Canadian version of Jacques Cousteau cruises around Henson & Peary's old stomping grounds in luxury yacht with high-tech toys
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More useful than the slick Flash ad piece (below) is this html version I found by exploring the National Film Board's site: cool!
This html version we found on the NFB website is a better resource for the classroom.

This refers to the slick Flash version. It is on a php site that takes away much of your browser's control. REVIEW OF ARCTIC MISSION, The Cyberdocumentary

Aside from the pretentious and useless second title (whatever a "cyberdocumentary is) this slick production is narrated by a French Canadian version of Jacques Cousteau with an accent so thick American school kids would need subtitles. In general it strikes me as a typical inappropriate use of the Internet by simply porting a sophisticated film to the web without modifying it. Someone had too much money to spend and too many "web techy" friends on whom to spend it.

Themes too complex for school kids--requires adult/college level background knowledge
Excessive use of Flash animation purely to be "arty".
Poor content navigation (slickness prevails over ease of use). Apparently this critical aspect was decided by a web team instead of an educator or librarian.

Content should be re-formatted to page style layout (ever see how a book is designed?) with table of contents, chapters, etc. Then the information contained in the sophisticated film would be available and useable to schools outside of French Canada. If hosted on a server this could be a resource for years to come.

Instead, it is simply a fancy Flash piece promoting a broadcast schedule of TV shows. In the end this site is a commercial, not an educational effort. The full length series, for which this is a mere teaser, will be broadcast on Canadian TV. If you are not planning on moving to Quebec then this Canadian Jacques Cousteau may never visit your living room.
Row, row, row your boat...
Boys and girls with a Yacht full of toys cruise the Arctic seas while dining on fresh seafood.

NDi media, in collaboration with the NFB, has produced Arctic Mission-The Cyberdocumentary to invite people on an extraordinary scientific adventure in search of signs of climate change. We believe this cyberdocumentary could
be complementary to your site as it deals with relevant environmental topics. You can visit Arctic Mission at <

This immersive cyberdocumentary offers people of all ages to board Sedna IV for an adventure though the treacherous Northwest Passage in company of Jean Lemire and his crew of scientists and cinematographers.

We bring to your attention that we've included a link to your website because we believe it speaks well in the field of the North Pole and related issues, and because we're convinced that it could be helpful to our audience.

Available in both English and French, Arctic Mission provides an educational and entertaining experience. The cyber-travelers can learn more about climatology and the impacts of global warming though different online activities. There, they can learn to navigate the Sedna, set-off in an inflatable raft to seek proof of permafrost melting, even use original footage to edit their own video online.

I hope you will enjoy your visit.


Nathalie Viora
Arctic Mission-The Cyberdocumentary
(514) 598-0444

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