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HENSON FACTSnot racism
If a Newspaper prints misinformation about Henson, is it really the "Best newspaper on the web?"
"Henson died in 1954 after spending his later life carrying luggage and parking cars for a living."

Henson died in 1955, retired on a Civil Service pension and spent his later life as a distinguished member of the New York Explorers Club.
[Misinformation from: http://www.guardian.co.uk]
Is it racism or just mistakes?
One author claims there are no examples of Henson being able to write. Yet there are many examples of documents written by Matt, including a book and a magazine article. An "expert" claims Matt couldn't spell his own name and didn't know what year he was born. Do you believe that just because the man says he is an expert? (Who else says he is an expert other than his friends?)

The UK Gaurdian says it is the best newspaper in the world; but we have proof it made mistakes. Do people lie? Do people make mistakes?

Always check the facts; the most authentic and original sources and even then make sure those are accurate.

Look at these documents at right: Matt could read & write. He could spell his name correctly. One "expert" claims Henson's wife wrote for him. But then did she go to work with him at his Civil Service job and write for him? No, of course not!

Matthew Henson was an intelligent man who could read and write. He wrote a magazine article in 1910, went on lecture tour, wrote his own book, worked at the New York Customs House as a Clerk and retired on a Civil Service pension. Then he became a distinguished member of the Explorers Club. When my father met him in 1946 then set to work to write Matt's biography together.

Many people are lazy; they do not check facts and believe whatever they read. If an author claims to be "an expert" they believe that, too.

Henson did not grow old parking cars, or work as a bellhop carrying luggage.
Maybe some racist would like you to believe that or maybe the newspapers and magazines and book authors just keep passing around the same misinformation. Wonder why? Is it because they all copy each other (yes!) instead of checking the facts? Yes, some people copy misinformation until lies are accepted as facts.

This is why we provide you with the source documents so you can see the truth.

This is a very interesting letter. It shows that Henson was helped by a political recommendation for a promotion to clerk but they found out he was "already eligible."

Henson was appointed to the Civil Service by President Taft in 1913. But the job was only as a "messenger boy." Still, this was a remarkable advancement for a Negro way back then.


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